Get Involved

College is a great place to grow and learn about who God is and who we are created to be. Here at the BSM we want to help students learn what the Bible says about God and us. We have weekly events that help students worship God, study the Bible, share their faith, and grow in community.

Here are some of the ways you, as a student, can get involved at UTEP.

This summer we will gather together in fellowship and dive into an apologetic video series. Yes, there will be food, so please join us!


Bible study


  • Awaken: Dinner, Worship, and Bible Study 7pm at the BSM


  • Alcance: Cena, Alabanza, Estudio Biblico 5pm en el BSM


  • Guys: 11am in Summit Hall at the Village Dorms
  • Girls: 12pm at the BSM 

Out reach 


  • Campus Evangelism 12:30pm at UTEP
  • Campus Evangelism 1:30pm at UTEP
  • Free Henna 3pm at the Union


  • Ultimate Frisbee 12pm at the Centennial Plaza
  • Free Henna 4:30pm at the Union


  • Spikeball 11am at the Centennial Plaza
  • Campus Evangelism 11:30pm at UTEP
  • Wednesday Lunch 12:30pm at the BSM


  • Papas & Prayer 10:30am at Leech Grove


  • Campus Cookout 12pm at the Village